Complementary Health Treatments

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Reflexology is an holistic therapy involving application of pressure to the feet and hands with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. Relaxing, rejuvenating and deeply therapeautic.


Relaxing Foot Reflexology

60 minutes £48 (PPE included in the price)

Suffering from stress, migrains or even IBS? Kick your shoes off, put your feet up and prepare to restore balance and harmony within your body. Following a refreshing cleanse, your feet will receive 50 minutes of deeply relaxing pressure point treatment. The holistic effects will help wipe away the worries and stressors life throws at you.

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Harmonising Hand Reflexology

60 minutes £48 (PPE included in the price)

Are your hands stiff, achey or in pain  from repetitive strain injury? Do you suffer from arthritis? Your hands are used for everything and rarely get cared for after all that wear and tear. Allow your fingers, palms and wrists to be treated with pin point accuracy and a sublime touch of healing during this 50 minute treatment.


Reflexology for Conception

60 minutes - £48 (PPE included in the price)

This unique treatment has been specially used to aid fertility and conception. Getting pregnant can put strain on your relationship and leave you feeling stressed and anxious. Reflexology assists in re-balancing the mind/body connection enabling you to regain homeostasis. This treatment includes a consultation use of reflex (pressure) points on the feet.