Pregnancy & Antenatal

Therapeutic treatments designed for you

Being pregnant is an incredible time but pregnancy is not without aches, pains and anxiety. These pregnancy treatments are specially designed for the Mummy to be in mind to help you in the following ways:

  • relieve tension-related conditions, such as headaches 

  • relieve stress & aide relaxation

  • reduce muscle tension & stiffness

  • reduce pain & anxiety

  • improve blood circulation & movement of lymph

  • enhance the health & nourishment of skin

  • promote a relaxed state of well being

  • promote deeper breathing

Pregnancy Massage



   60 minutes- £63 ( back, shoulders, arm, hips, legs,)

PPE i included in the price 

An incredibly relaxing massage designed  for pregnant ladies in need. Achey back, pelvic pain, swolen ankles, headaches, bloating - this treatment will help ease all of those and more. Give your body and your baby the time and care they deserve.


Antenatal Reflexology

50 minutes £43 (PPE included in the price)

Relaxing pressure points on the feet, this is a great way to take the weight off your feet, reduce excess fluid retention, alleviate lower back pain and improve sleeping patterns. Studies have shown that regular pregnancy reflexology helps provide a better chance of having a natural labour.


Reflexology for Conception

1st treatment 60 minutes £48 (PPE included in the price)




Follow up 50 minutes £43(PPE included in the price)

This unique treatment has been especially used to aid fertility and conception. Getting pregnant can put strain on the body and relationship, leaving you feeling stressed and anxious. Reflexology assists in re-balancing the mind-body connection enabling you to regain homeostasis. This treatment includes a consultation of your reflex/pressure points on your feet.


Pregnancy Package

60 minutes full body massage and 30 minute facial - £93 (PPE included in the price)

Delightful and relaxing 90 minutes of complete head to toe treatments.

Pregnant Woman in Nature

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