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Therapeutic treatments designed for you

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Massage therapy involves the manipulation of your body's soft tissue to help you in the following ways:

  • relieve tension-related conditions, such as headaches & eyestrain

  • relieve stress & aide relaxation

  • reduce muscle tension & stiffness

  • reduce pain & anxiety

  • improve flexibility & posture

  • improve blood circulation & movement of lymph

  • enhance the health & nourishment of skin

  • promote a relaxed state of well being

  • promote deeper breathing

The"I sit at a desk all day" Massage

40 minutes £50

Spend the day stuck at a desk, typing away, holding a phone or moving a mouse? Suffer from repetitive strain injuries? The various Swedish massage techniques involved in this 40 minute back, neck and shoulder treatment will improve circulation, ease muscle strain, improve neck mobility and reduce stress.


"The kids are driving me crazy!" Massage

40 minutes - £50 

Kids or partner driving you round the bend? This head, neck, shoulder and arms treatment will ease your stress, muscle tension and knots in your upper back first. Then, working on your head and neck to reduce headaches and promote lymphatic drainage. Those overworked arms will then receive pressure point therapy to relieve tightness


Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

  60 minutes - £75


                          90 minutes -  £100

An out of this world experience using a combination of Thai, Swedish and pressure point techniques. Application of pressure with the elbow, forearm and knuckles in order to break down muscle tension in your shoulders, arms, back and legs. Perfect for post workout, chronic pain, sciatica or general muscles tension.


Deep Tissue Back, Neck & Shoulders Massage

40 minutes £50

With this Deep Tissue therapy specifically for the upper body, you will feel relaxed and renewed after each treatment. Using Thai, Swedish and pressure point techniques to unwind your day or week of stress.


Aromatherapy Massage

60 minutes £70

Feeling burnt out? If you have been running on empty, this treatment could be for you. It is very relaxing massage with use of Swedish techniques but its addition of essential oils that makes this treatment truly transformative. Use of Neal’s Yard Aromatherapy organic essential oils can do everything from energise to distress or reinvigorate. After careful consultation check were you are emotionally as well if you a have any aches or pains. From there we can create a correct blend of oils that works for you.

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