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Intensive Course

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If you think you’ve left it too late to benefit from the Hypnobirthing, or your circumstances mean that you can't  commit to 10 hours of face-to-face tuition, you can now have an intensive version of the course. This course is only 2 sessions, each lasting 2 hours at your home or at our treatment room covering the core principles and techniques of Hypnobirthing. You will also receive our Hypnobirthing workbook, Mp3s, favour bag and all support materials, plus follow up contact. As with our other courses, you will have access to the client Facebook group, on going support and meet ups.

This four hour course includes all the essentials of Hypnobirthing. It doesn’t go into as much detail as our full course but you will definitely leave feeling more prepared and confident for birth.

The course is £150 including 4 Mp3s, Mummy's Retreat Hypnobirthing Workbook, favour bag, ongoing support and meet ups.

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Why choose one of our courses ?

  • You will move from feeling anxious or nervous to feeling calm and confident about giving birth. 

  • You will gain access to the knowledge from an experienced a mother, pregnancy massage therapist and hypnobirthing instructor who is passionate about preparing you for a positive birth experience. I won't tell you how to birth but help you find what’s best for you.

  • You will benefit from hours of honest, fun and friendly tuition for you and your partner. We promise, no weirdness!!

  • The course includes a Mummy's Retreat Hypnobirthing workbook, affirmations, guided hypnosis MP3s and course notes.

  • If you need reassurance, pointing in the right direction of useful information, a recap or just a listening ear, you will get that support via Email, Text/Whatsapp and/or Facebook after you have completed your course. 

  • You can choose to be part of a friendly and caring community of parents and would be welcomed at free monthly meet ups (in Northampton) for however long you’d like to come.

  • These free monthly meet ups are a unique bonus of our courses and a real source of support and friendship.

During Mummy's Retreat Hypnobirthing classes you will learn:

  • How the body works during labour and birth.

  • To understand how fear impacts you in the birthing process and how to get rid of it.

  • How to use guided hypnosis, relaxation and massage throughout your pregnancy, labour and birth.

  • How important the birth environment is and how to create your ideal birthing environment, wherever you choose to birth.

  • Supportive and practical tips for birth partners to ensure they are helpful and included through labour and birth.

  • Tools to help you make informed decisions during pregnancy and birth.

  • How to write an empowering birth plan.

  • Lots more other useful information!

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